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 Extreme cold temperatures can cause water pipes to freeze. A frozen pipe generates a lot of pressure inside and can cause the pipe to burst, which is likely to lead to severe flooding, especially when there’s none to turn off the water. The best prevention measure to kick against frozen pipes is to keep them warm enough to stay above the freezing point. It could be done with any one of the simple listed steps below or, better still, a combination of them.

Seal Up Cracks and Holes

Gaps around holes where pipes are run should be sealed, either through the wall or floor, to avoid the passage of cold air. You can make use of Caulk or spray foam insulation could fill such gaps. In some cases, it’s better to seal the holes found on both sides of the wall. The cold air that smuggles itself into such openings can make a cabinet freeze, which is usually even colder.

Let Faucets Drip

Another measure to keep your pipes from freezing is to leave faucets running. Not all the faucet found in your home must be allowed to run. Find and discover the ones fed by exposed piping. Once you locate them, allow them to keep flowing during frigid weather. Running water carries more internal energy than stagnant water because friction is created with constant movement. Leaving a few faucets running will help prevent ice formation in your pipes due to this continuous movement.

Besides the friction produced by the non-stop flow of small water always running in the pipe, a running faucet reduces pressure build-up in cold pipes. It helps save your pipes from bursting, even when the water inside freezes. In a situation where both cold and hot water lines are exposed, leaving both to slightly run would ensure that pressure doesn’t build up in any one of both lines.

Use Heating Tape

If your piping system is easily accessible, the electrical heating tape can be directly applied to the pipe to enable the pipe to retain enough heat. And this would greatly help pipes in unheated locations or exterior, such as in the basement or cold attics.

Majorly, only two kinds of this heating tape are in existence for easy use, and they are; manual and self-monitoring heating tape. To make use of the manual heating tape, you plug heat whenever heat is needed and unplug it once the pipe is warm enough. The self-monitoring heating tape has a sensor and automatically turns on and off by itself whenever it senses that the pipeline needs more or less heat.

Using the electrical heating tape could be dangerous just like any other heating system, so ensure to follow the manufacturer’s guide and safety procedures when using it for your pipe systems.

Keep Interior Doors Open

Pipes are often found in cabinets. During cold days, it’s quite advisable to keep these cabinet doors open so that heat from the other part of the home can flow into the cabinet to keep the pipes warm. Interior doors should also be kept free so that heat within the home can circulate.

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