Outdoor Cooling System

Save money on a high-quality outdoor cooling system from Cool-Off. Your family will love spending time outdoors when you provide an oasis from the sun and heat. Customized umbrellas and misting systems make it easy for any homeowner to prepare for the summer in a single afternoon. Our misting kits are simple to set-up and come with step-by-step instructions, so you won’t have to hire a professional to make your backyard more family-friendly this summer. Browse our inventory on Cool-Off.com or reach out to one of our product experts for help getting started.

What is the Best Misting System?

Different customers have different needs, which is why we have so many different products to choose from at Cool-Off. Check out medium-pressure misting systems for residential environments, high-pressure systems for commercial and industrial settings, patio misters, portable misters, and fogging systems. Whatever type of outdoor misting system you have in mind, we have a kit available to meet your needs, as well as pumps, fans, and accessories to help you build a custom set-up. At Cool-Off, we think the best misting system is one that is perfectly suited to your requirements and fits your budget, as well.

Can You Take a Mister On-the-Go?

Cool-Off has two options for customers who want to take their misting system with them: The Oasis and Super Oasis. Both are designed to help you stay comfortable while spending extended periods of time outdoors in the heat- the main difference between the two systems is their holding capacity:

  1. The Oasis has a 12V rechargeable battery that will run the 8-gallon tank for 3-4 hours. Take The Oasis camping, to sports events, or enjoy cooler temperatures in your own backyard.
  2. Super Oasis will run for 7-8 hours in a single tank. Its 25-gallon capacity is for serious summertime activity. Super Oasis requires electricity to operate; customize with options to make the set-up accommodate your needs.

If you find yourself stuck in the bleachers watching sports, sitting on the beach with no respite from the heat, or reading under an umbrella during the summertime, one of our portable misting systems will make your outdoor adventure much more enjoyable.

Build Your own Outdoor Cooling System

At Cool-Off, we have everything under one roof to build a custom mister for any residential or commercial space. Browse our website to find affordable accessories to build any size set-up:

  • Misting pumps
  • Low & mid pressure misting nozzles
  • Misting rings
  • Tubing, hardware, plugs & valves
  • Pressure elbows
  • End plugs
  • Nozzle extensions
  • Adapters
  • Nozzle swivels
  • Tubing mounts
  • Slip lock unions
  • Tube cutters
  • Fog risers
  • And much, much more

Need Help? Call a Cool-Off Expert!

We’re happy to answer questions over the phone and make recommendations to customers looking for a pre-build outdoor cooling system or parts & components for do-it-yourself kits. If you’re not sure which way to go, reach out to us by phone or click the Ask the Experts tab on our homepage to get connected.