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You’ll need to know the depth of the underground drainage pipe, as well as how many bedrooms. The average household will have one foot of line per bed and be 25 feet deep. A three-bedroom house would need three feet of pipe and be 29.6 feet deep. This is for single-family houses, so if it’s a multi-level dwelling or a shop, the number will be different.

The average single-family home will need about 300-500 feet of pipe, depending on the soil type. A five-bedroom house with a three-foot drain field would be 48 feet deep. A 10-foot deep drain field would require 750-1000 feet of pipe, and a 15-foot deep one would take 1250-1500 feet. If the property has compaction problems, you should factor that in. The city may also inspect it as well, so factor in their fee as well.

All in all, it’s not too hard to figure out how much pipe you’ll need. The depth is easy as well since it’s a simple formula, but it depends on the soil conditions if you’re putting in a new bed. If you’re just fixing an existing drain field, your only work is digging up the pipe and adding another 25 feet to the depth.

For a three-bedroom house, you’ll need about 1850 feet. If it’s a five-bedroom house, you’ll need about 3000 feet.

One other thing to check is the number of rooms to be drained, which is important if you’re going to have an underground water line in the existing drain field, which would have to be replaced. For a three-bedroom house, one room would take about 6 feet of pipe, and for five bedrooms, it would be 8 feet.

Should I call a licensed Plumber?
You should always call a Licensed Plumber because they have liability insurance to cover any accidents or mistakes that may happen. They are also required to have in-depth training on how to use tools and equipment as well as safety precautions.

You can check out my post about the benefits of having a Licensed Plumber instead of doing it yourself to make an informed decision.

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